Kawah Ijen (lonely crater) volcano and lake near Banyuwangi and the Belawan Hot Springs and Waterfalls. Mount Ijen is home to the rare “blue fire” phenomenon, where you can witness dancing blue flames from the high pressure release of sulfuric gasses. (One night / Two Days)

A little off the beaten track, Sambangan is often called ‘the Secret Garden’ for its lush jungles that hide multitudes of clean clear rivers and majestic waterfalls that cascade down cliffs into cool pools below. Your trek starts at 9am from the traditional village of Sambangan located in the north of Bali. Here you will see what life is like in rural Bali far removed from the busy tourist areas. Then we will hike past emerald green rice paddies and deep into the forest to discover some of the island’s most spectacular waterfalls.

Get off the beaten track on this incredible waterfall nature trek. Here you will pass through emerald green rice paddies and untouched jungle to reach incredible waterfalls cascading down cliffs into crystal clear pools below. Be sure to bring your swimming gear, because you don’t want to miss out on a refreshing dip under the falls.

Escape the crowds and join us on a journey out into the Balinese countryside where rice paddies spread out as far as the eye can see, the air is fresh, and the only thing you willl hear is the rustling of leaves and birds singing in the trees. The journey ends at the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Jatiluih rice terraces.

Above the Clouds Tour
This tour package is perfect for lovers of nature and good photography.
Good for individuals, couples and families/groups.
650K per car (maximum 4 pax). Food and Entrance Fees Not Included.

Best trek for bird watchers and wildlife lovers! Climb through the tropical forest and look for forest eagles, civet cats (luwak), deer, monkeys, butterflies and more! Also known as Pucak Mangu, Mount Catur is located in Bali’s central highlands, and it is the fourth tallest mountain in Bali at 2,096 meters. The trek starts at Lake Bratan and follows a trail along the edge of the lake before making its way up the mountain in a gentle incline that steadily increases as you get higher. Most of the mountain is covered in forest, but every so often you can catch glimpses of the lake below. From the top you can see all of Lake Bratan and Bedugul spread out before you. The trek up takes about 2 to 3 hours, and for the most part the trails are clear and easy to follow.

A Beautiful Bangli Tour! Includes a light breakfast of Balinese pancakes before a lovely waterfall hike, followed by set lunch and a visit to a charming traditional Balinese village.

This amazing adventure takes three days and four nights, which really allows you to get up close and personal with Mount Rinjani. You start by trekking through a rainforest past lush greenery and gnarled tree roots and branches. Then you make your way higher to rockier and cooler climes until you reach the crater rim where you will camp for the night.

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