In order to confirm your booking, we do ask for upfront payment. For your convenience, we provide instant on-line booking via PayPal. Payments are converted to USD for processing, at the rate at which we receive the payments in Rupiah from PayPal. The rate is calculated to be inclusive of conversion & processing fees, and is not negotiable.

If you have made an unconfirmed booking, you will need to contact us for additional payment options. Your booking will need to approved manually by a member of our staff. If deposit is not received within 72 hours, and we have not specifically agreed to waive advance deposit, your booking may be rejected without further notice.

Cancellation Policy for Trekking & Tours within Bali:

•   At least 3 days before  your booking (at least 72 hours prior to pick-up) – 100% refund of your deposit *
•   1-3 days before your booking (24 to 72 hours prior to pick-up) – 50% (half) refund of your deposit.
•   Within one day of your booking, before 5:30pm the night before pickup – deposit non-refundable, but you can reschedule at no extra charge.
•   Last minute cancellation after office hours, or not present at pick-up point – you will lose your deposit.

* For refunds processed via Paypal, the non-refundable fees collected by Paypal will be deducted from your refund.

Emergency Cancellation:  We are sympathetic to unforeseen injuries and illness, and will do our best to reschedule you if you must cancel at the last minute for legitimate medical reasons. However, please be advised that we do not have a 24-hour switchboard, and cannot always process cancellations after 5:30 p.m. local time. After office hours, your deposit is no longer 100%  transferable to another date and any discount for rescheduling will need to be specially authorized.

For Rinjani and other booking outside of Bali, deposit is non-refundable.

Your deposit will be used to make non-refundable travel arrangements and advance hotel bookings, and cannot be recouped by us to return to you. Exceptions can be made only if the booking is canceled within 24 hours of the deposit being paid, and if the date of the tour is more than one week (seven days) from the date of booking.

Insurance: The comfort and safety of our guests is our highest priority. However, even with the best laid plans, accidents can happen. We will always do our best to assist and support any of our guests who may have a mishap on their treks or tours, however we cannot accept financial liability in case of medical emergency or accidental property damage. We highly recommend that our guests, and all travelers, protect themselves with simple, affordable travel insurance. It is easy to sign up, even if you are already travelling!

Weather:  Unfortunately, we can make no guarantees regarding weather, and must put in our time and expense to prepare for every trip. Opting out of your tour due to weather is still subject to our cancellation policy. Many people do choose to start their trek in the rain, as it may clear up by sunrise.

If you are concerned about the weather on the day of your tour, please contact us as early as possible to reschedule. Cancellations received after office hours the night before trekking are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable!

If we cancel your tour due to weather, we will refund your deposit.

Transport Prices and Locations:

Transport costs are charged per passenger, and vary by pickup area for most itineraries. The cost of transport is added to the trekking cost in our on-line booking forms at a set rate per area, and it is the responsibility of the party filling out the form to select the correct area for pickup. If the wrong area is selected (e.g. Ubud area is selected, but the pickup address is in Kuta) the additional cost will be added to your amount due on pickup.

Not all pick-up areas are available for single passenger who would like to join treks or tours, as we would often have to arrange private transportation anyway. If you do not see your area listed, please send us a message to inquire about the cost for your pickup prior to booking.

Transport costs are subject to change without prior notice.

Location: It is your responsibility to provide us with complete details on where to pick you up!
If we have to google information about your hotel, we might not find the right one. A lot of places have very similar sounding names. We ask that you provide the name, full address, and contact telephone number for your hotel so that we can verify the location.
We do not offer refunds if we go to the wrong hotel because we were provided insufficient information.

Additional Activities

Additional activities are also charged on a per passenger basis, except as otherwise indicated in our booking form, and are added to the total for trekking and transport.

Pick up and Drop off Times

We do our best to run things as smoothly as possible, and we do offer approximate pick up and drop off times. On pick-up we hope that we will be allowed a reasonable amount of time (about 15 minutes on either side) for normal fluctuations in traffic, weather, and other minor delays. Of course, if you are waiting at the prearranged pick up point, have provided us with clear and unambiguous instructions on how to find you, and we fail to pick you up, you are entitled to a full refund.

On drop-off, times can be even harder to predict. Not every group takes the same amount of time to complete their itinerary, and we have to organize several points with our drivers. We can only offer approximations, we can’t make guarantees. Please do not make important plans based on approximate drop off times. We do not accept any financial responsibility for losses based on expectations of accuracy.

We enjoy meeting everyone, and we love the experiences and connections that adventure brings us. We hope that all of our guests can also appreciate that not everything is predictable, and sometimes the best times happen when you don’t expect them at all!

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